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“Prevention is definitely better than cure” as far as your teeth and overall health are concerned. Keeping your regular preventive dental care appointment with our friendly hygienists allows potential problems to be detected early and often treatment is smaller, far less invasive and usually much less expensive.

The Preventive Dental Care Program at All Saints Dental Group includes:

  1. Regular 6 monthly Preventive Dental Care appointments for a professional clean, polish and fluoride treatment. This removes the built-up plaque that we all miss with our brushing and keeps your teeth and gums healthy and strong.
  2. Thorough Diagnostic examinations to identify dental issues before they escalate. (Conducted by your Dentist).
  3. Oral Hygiene Education to ensure good brushing and flossing techniques at home and also advice regarding the proper diet and nutrition required for healthy gums and teeth.
  4. Oral cancer screening.
  5. Customised fitting of mouthguards to protect your teeth from costly and painful damage when playing contact sports.

If you have Health Fund Insurance (depending on your level of coverage) many of these treatments can be provided with little or even no gap payment.

Remember, if you don’t adequately care for your teeth and gums, poor oral hygiene can lead to infection and disease which left untreated can contribute to the development of other health issues. This is costly for your wallet and your overall health.

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